How To Do The Fancy Dinner Date Right

In the course of any relationship, there is at least one dinner date at an upscale dining establishment. Whether it be on the first date, anniversary or special occasion, there will be such a date and here is a guide on how to do it right.

The Reservation
First you must make the reservation. If you do not know a place, go online right now, and google Bangkok dimsum brunch. Find a place that gives off the right amount of flash that you’re looking for and make a reservation. Make sure to specify that the reservation is for a dinner date and that if possible to have a table in a quiet place away from the crowd. Also, if you have any special requests such as a certain bottle of wine or a specialty dish, this would be the time to make a note.

The Meet Up
The next thing is the meet up. You have three options, either to meet at the venue, pick your date up or to meet up at a popular tavern. Personally, I’d back the pick-up but the choice is up to you. When you go to pick her up, make sure to show up on time and this might be a cliché but showing up with flowers might not be the worst thing in the world as well. If you’re going out, you might as well do so with a bang. If you’re meeting at the venue, then you have the option of either being seated or meeting up at the saloon area and then being seated together. The tavern idea works if both of you are unfamiliar with the venue, so meeting up at a sky bar in Bangkok might also work in your favour.

Now for drinks, it depends on who’s having what. If she prefers wine, then opt for sharing a bottle. If you’re unfamiliar with wine then always ask the waiter, they’ll help you out. It’ll be better than ordering an unpleasant bottle and ruining the night.

The Meal
For the actual meal of the evening, you’re on your own. But, if there is a specialty item on the menu or if there is a dish the venue is known for, the smart move would be to try it and always remember your table manners. The same goes for italian food Bangkok and when in doubt, the waiter is still your best bet. The night goes as well as you want it to go. Picking the right place takes you only so far but what really makes the night memorable is how much you and your date enjoy the night.